⛧ Digital Artist ⛧

If you want to commission me, don't forget to read the Terms & Conditions. In the Prices page you can find some examples of the type of drawing and commission I can do.


Email (business only) : [email protected]- COMMISSIONS STATUS: OPEN -

⛧ About me ⛧

Wolf ⛧ 35 ⛧ Latino ⛧ Metalhead Werewolf

gamer nerd ⛧ horror junkie ⛧ digital artist

Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, Yakuza/RGG, Soulsborne games, The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077, FF16, TMNT, Hellsing, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, Dorohedoro, Trigun, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Digimon, Pokemon, Our Flag Means Death, DnD, horror media, metal music, Ghost, Rammstein, punk music and culture, science fiction, fantasy, cyberpunk, basketball and football.


Before ordering your commission, please be sure to read the guidelines carefully.

Please be aware that the prices listed are base price, they can increase due to details and complexity of the request.
All illustrations include a colored background and may include minimal elements. More complex backgrounds have an additional fee.
Be sure to ask if you're unsure of anything.---

Detailed Background: €15+
Additional Character Cost: 50% of the original price


Lines + solid fill in a colour of your choice (default: black lines on white background)

Bust: €30
Halfbody: €40
Fullbody: €55

Flat Colors

Flat colors + colored lineart

Bust: €40
Halfbody: €55
Fullbody: €70


Flat colors with really basic shadows and some highlights where appropriate

Bust: €55
Halfbody: €70
Fullbody: €85


Full colored, detailed and fully shaded illustration.

Bust: €70
Halfbody: €90
Fullbody: €110

⛧ Refsheets ⛧

A reference sheet for your character. All images are flat colored to accurately depict colors but if you want it to be shaded the price will increase. Can add a fullbody with an outfit if desired but the final price will depend on the complexity of the outfit. Details can be anything like eyes, teeth, paws, wings, etc. Props can be weapons, jewelry or any other items. Complexity fees apply as normal.

Basic Refsheet

Price: €90

- Front Fullbody View
- 1 Headshot
- Text and Color Palette (Optional)

Standard Refsheet

Starting Price: €120

- Front and Back Fullbody View
- 1 Headshot
- 1 Detail or Prop
- Text and Color Palette (Optional)

Fullbody with outfit+40€
Each additional headshot+20€
Props or details+10€


Personal Logo: €90


Headers for social media: Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Header: €30

⛧ Terms of Service ⛧


  • By transferring payment it is understood that you agree to these terms of service.

  • I reserve the right to decline any commission request that I find inappropriate and/or that doesn’t match my terms, skills or time.

  • Images are sent in jpeg and png format and in high resolution.


  • Payment is taken up front and in full, through Paypal or Ko-Fi.

  • I do not start work until payment has been received.

  • I offer no refunds. Unless I'm unable to finish your commission for any reason.

edits and revisions

  • Large revisions (changing the entire pose, background, etc) will not be made past the sketch stage.

  • Once everything looks ok with the sketch, I'll move on to lineart and coloring/shading.

  • Minor adjustments can be made after the sketch stage, at no additional charge, however there will be a limit to such edits before a fee would be required.

usage policy and image rights

  • The artist retains the right to display any commissioned work on any personal gallery.

  • Neither the commissioner or any other person may alter the artwork without permission. In accordance to that, I do not provide the working file for use.

  • The commissioner can repost the image to their own personal gallery or social media, or use it as an icon, banner, background photo, etc; as long as proper credit is given.

⛧ Preferences ⛧

Will Do:

Anthro / Furry
Anime Fanart
Gaming Fanart
Reference Sheets

Won't Do:

Offensive themes
IRL People

⛧ socials ⛧

My Twitter DMs are open for everyone.
You may also contact me via email for commission inquiries.